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Policies and plans

We develop and update policies and plans to represent the needs of communities in our region. They are created in line with our legal and ethical responsibilities.

Annual reports

Learn about our programs and performance from the past financial year.

Price Submission

We have our services, prices and level of investment reviewed by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) every 5 years.

Our strategy

Our strategy - dhelk gatjin dhelk balak sets our ‘true north’ to navigate the challenges of climate change, population growth and ageing assets.

Reconciliation Action Plan

We recognise that the region we service across Central and Northern Victoria has a human history that began with Traditional Owner custodians.

Gender Equity Action Plan

Freedom of Information

Public Interest Disclosures

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality

Family Violence Policy

Annual Water Outlook

Customer Outcomes Performance Report


Urban Water Strategy

Environmental Policy

Drinking Water Quality Policy Statement

Health and Safety

Customer Charters

Share your ideas, provide us with feedback and work with us to make the Coliban Water region a place to live, grow and enjoy.

Visit Connect Coliban to find out about projects and the future of water in your region.

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