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Board Directors and employees are discouraged from accepting gifts where there is no clear justification to accept them.

Find out more about our policy or view our online Gifts Register.


Our policy

We have developed the Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality Policy (PDF 560KB) to create a culture of accountability, transparency, and integrity that promotes public confidence in our organisation.

As a state-owned water corporation, this policy allows us to meet requirements set out by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

Any gift offer made that meets the prohibited definition in our policy cannot be accepted, and certain gifts cannot be accepted unless there's a legitimate business reason to accept them.

It's important that our suppliers understand our commitment to this policy and that certain gift offers will be disclosed.

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Gifts Register

For transparency, a subset of the information we collect about gift offers is reported publicly in our Gifts Register:

Last updated on 30 Jul 2021
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