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As part of our Price Submission 2018 to the Essential Services Commission (ESC), we consulted broadly to determine what aspects of our performance matter the most to our customers.

Based on customer feedback, we developed five Customer Outcomes. These are:
1.    We will supply high quality water you can trust.
2.    We will provide infrastructure and services to meet the needs of our customers now and into the future.
3.    We will reduce our environmental footprint and achieve a socially responsible, sustainable business for future generations.
4.    We will be open and transparent with customers about affordable pricing, service disruptions and repairs.
5.    We will support the liveability in the region.

We report on our performance against these outcomes annually. Read our 2022-2023 Customer Outcomes Performance Report

In 2022-2023, we wish to advise we have not quite met all of our customer expectations. We will continue to look for opportunities to deliver strong results in line with our commitments for our new pricing period 2023-2028.

An important change in 2021 was that we have made a decision not to reduce our debt by $4M per annum as originally stated in 2018. This commitment was one of the measures for Outcome 5 - We will support the liveability in the region. 

A significant change in the investment required in our current assets has shifted our focus and we need to redirect these funds to make sure our infrastructure meets our compliance obligations and continues to provide reliable services for customers.

We engaged with a focus group of 21 customer representatives in June 2021. The participants agreed that it was an appropriate decision to make and that we should redirect these funds to make sure our assets are up-to-date and meet current and future needs.

To find out more about our current price submission 2023–2028, which was approved by the Essential Services Commission in June 2023 visit Connect Coliban.

Last updated on 02 Nov 2023
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