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Help & advice

Find out more about your water usage: from pipe problems to how to save water.

If you want to find out more about your town's water and have your say on future planning, click the button below to visit Connect Coliban.

Your water during summer

We work hard to provide water you can trust in summer.

Current projects

Drinking Water Advisories

From time to time we are required to issue a Boil Water Advisory or Do Not Drink Advisory to keep our customers safe.

Have something to say?

Your town's water

Find out everything you need to know about your water. Learn about water restrictions, water supply and treatment, or meet us at a Community Pop Up.

Keep our sewers clear

Protect the sewer network by only flushing down the three Ps; pee, poo and toilet paper.

Why is my property using so much water?

If your bill is much higher than you expected, you might have a leak or have changed the way you use water.

Permanent water saving rules

5 common-sense water use rules that help everyone to use water efficiently and avoid waste.

How to save water

Tips to help your household save water - and money!

My water meter

Here's how to keep access to your water meter clear and safe.

Maintaining water and sewer pipes

Avoid blockages, backflow and leaks, and manage your water meter and Overflow Relief Gully.

Recycled water

Connect to recycled water and find out what you can use it for.

Digital Metering Program

Supply by Agreements

Sometimes Supply by Agreements are required as part of our water service delivery.

Blue Green Algae

Find out more about what causes Blue Green Algae

Bushfire preparedness

Prepare for the hot weather and know what to do in a bushfire emergency.

Customer and Community Rebates

If you experience a service issue, such as a water supply outage or poor water quality, may be eligible for a rebate.

Exemptions from Water Restrictions

In some circumstances you may be granted an exemption from the current water use rules.

Share your ideas, provide us with feedback and work with us to make the Coliban Water region a place to live, grow and enjoy.

Visit Connect Coliban to find out about projects and the future of water in your region.

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