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This is not a complete list of works, just works that may impact customers from traffic or service interruptions. The information is as up-to-date as possible but may change at short notice. Click on the button below to see reactive works, you can also subscribe to our email or SMS updates to be notified of any status changes.

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Blue green algae at Barkers Creek Reservoir

  • Barkers Creek Reservoir

Blue Green Algae has been identified at Barkers Creek Reservoir.

Coliban Water is warning the public to avoid contact with the water in Barkers Creek Reservoir following the detection. 

Visitors to Barkers Creek can still sightsee at the reservoir and are encouraged to enjoy activities that do not involve direct contact with the water. 

Signs have been erected to notify visitors about the algae bloom.

Stock and pets should be kept away from Barkers Creek Reservoir. 

Customers supplied by the Harcourt Modernised Rural System can use their rural water as normal and have been notified. 

This is because the water source has been changed from Barkers Creek Reservoir to the Coliban Main Channel.  


Changes to raw water quality, Murray Supply System

  • Echuca, Cohuna, Leitchville and Gunbower

Warm weather in the Murray River catchment area is contributing to poor raw water quality in the Coliban Water Murray Supply System. 

This system supplies water to the townships of Echuca, Cohuna, Leitchville and Gunbower. 

Customers may notice changes to the taste and odour of the drinking water. 

There are no health risks associated with the drinking water being supplied to these towns. It is safe for drinking, bathing, food preparation and continues to comply with the health-based guidelines as part of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. 

Treatment measures are in place at the relevant water treatment plants and water quality staff are closely monitoring the raw water quality. 

We will keep the community informed of any updates via our website. 

Water mains cleaning works, Bendigo and surrounding towns

  • Bendigo, Axedale, Huntly, Marong, Raywood, Sebastian

We are planning to carry out routine water mains cleaning works of the Bendigo water supply network from January 2021. 

This work is an important part of our regular maintenance program to ensure the drinking water we supply to our customers continues to be safe. 

The works will not impact the flow or pressure of customers' water supply. Some customers may notice slight changes to the taste and odour of the drinking water. 

The water remains safe to drink and meets Australian drinking water guidelines. 

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions here. 

Cohuna Water Treatment Plant project

  • Cohuna

Fluoride will soon be added to Cohuna's water supply, aimed at improving dental health in the region. 

We have been carrying out works at the Cohuna Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to prepare for this change. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has directed us to add fluoride to the drinking water supply at the Cohuna WTP. 

The system will soon be ready for use. We expect to begin supplying fluoridated water to customers in Cohuna in early 2021. We will send out notifications to customers prior to the system being turned on.

Please ring our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 or call DHHS on 1300 761 874.

Standpipe transition project

  • Coliban Water region

We are working to transfer the management of standpipes back to Coliban Water as some are currently council-operated. 

These changes will mean more consistent service and fair pricing for users across our region. 

Standpipes in Sutton Street, Echuca and Campaspe Street, Rochester are now managed by Coliban Water.

Works were completed on these standpipes in August 2020 to install the Avdata system.

We are currently working with Central Goldfields Shire to transition ownership and operations of the Dunolly and Bealiba standpipes back to Coliban Water. 

Once complete, anyone wishing to use a Coliban Water-operated standpipe will be required to register as a water carter and purchase an Avdata key, if you haven’t already done so.

See our interactive map here.  

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