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Water carting – Dingee

  • Dingee

We are experiencing poor raw water quality due to increased levels of blue-green algae detected in the raw water supply at Dingee.

Water carting to Dingee will commence on Wednesday 22 May as an alternative raw water supply.

We have increased our water quality testing program to monitor the situation more closely.

Customers in Dingee are reminded that the town’s water supply is untreated and not suitable for drinking, food preparation, tooth brushing or ice-making. It is recommended that pets are not given this water to drink.

For additional blue-green algae water quality information visit Connect Coliban.

Further updates will be posted to this page.

Blue-green algae - Upper Coliban Reservoir

  • Upper Coliban Reservoir

We have identified blue-green algae in Upper Coliban Reservoir.

While the reservoir remains open to the public, we encourage visitors to avoid contact with the water until further notice.

For additional blue-green algae water quality information visit here.

Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant - May update

  • Epsom

There's lots of work taking place at our Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant at Epsom - as part of our routine operations and also in preparation for large-scale upgrades at the plant in over the next five years. More information about our plant, and all the latest updates, available here. 

Howard Street update 

You may see some changes to traffic on Howard Street, near Bowles Road, as a result of front gate works which started Friday 17 May. 

We are installing a new front gate at Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant, which means a temporary entrance is in place for plant users. 

Traffic management and signage in place along Howard Street, with reduced speed limit to 40km/ph. 

Neighbours have been notified. 

Map available here. 

Odour update

New fans have been installed at the Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant’s inlet works and biosolids processing area.

These will help ventilate the area and minimise odours associated with that part of the treatment process. The old fans will be refurbished and act as spares.

Completed works

We have replaced some of the inlet covers. This will help reduce odour escaping from the sewage that arrives onsite.

Our plant operator Service Stream has increased the collection of the waste bins from two to three times a week. These bins capture things that shouldn’t be flushed down drains, such as wet wipes, sanitary items and other products.

Maintenance works on our ATAD system are complete. This system turns wastewater sludge into biosolids.

Upcoming works

We plan to finish replacing the inlet covers.

You can learn more about how we manage odour at the Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant, and how the plant operates, here.

We encourage you to call us on 1300 363 200 to report odour. The more that we receive these reports, the more we can build a picture of the areas of our plant which need the most urgent attention.

Our next update will be on 31 May 2024

Sewer mains cleaning - Marong

  • Allies Road, Marong

We will be undertaking sewer cleaning works known as Ice Pigging in Allies Road, Marong on 16 May from 8am to 5pm.

These works ensure the sewer mains are clean and in working order.

Ice Pigging is a cleaning technique where a thick ice slurry – a mixture of semi-solid ice and water – is pushed through the main and removed through a valve. This type of cleaning method is environmentally-friendly and uses minimal water.

Nearby residents have been notified. 

These works will not affect your normal sewer services.

Sewer renewal - Echuca

  • Echuca

We will be completing urgent works to replace a sewer connection at Beechworth Bakery in High Street, Echuca between Monday 13 May and Friday 17 May, during daylight hours.

These works will include boring a new sewer connection near the bakery’s carpark in High Street.

The bakery’s carpark will be closed during these works. 

We have notified affected businesses and customers as well as nearby neighbours.

Sewer services will not be affected by these works, and businesses will be able to trade as normal.

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