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Our connections process aims to make it easy for new residents to install a water meter.

Customers can apply directly to Coliban Water for new meters and connection to our system. Builders and plumbers can also apply to Coliban Water on a customer’s behalf. 

We aim to provide a simple and paperless single point of application for new connections. One online form, one bill.

Process for new connections:

  1. Lodge application form online
  2. Once it’s approved, pay the connection fee invoiced by Coliban Water’s approved contractor
  3. We’ll connect you within 10 business days
  4. Water access charges begin from the date of connection

You'll need:

  • A copy of the land title and proof of ownership
  • Site plan
  • Floor plan

Water service charges start from when your connection is approved.


Connect to fire service:

If you require a fire service connection, licenced and registered plumbers with the appropriate skills can construct these works, following an approved site design. 

The site design needs to be submitted to Coliban Water for approval, via the application form online

It may involve changes to include backflow protection or flow-limiting devices.

Domestic services with an offtake from a fire service connection may also be installed by an approved plumbing contractor.

Any separate domestic tapping that is not off the fire service must be completed by Coliban Water’s approved contractor. 

We require a separate application in this instance, which can also be made via the application form online


Connect to common property:

A common property may be a block of units or a housing development with a shared driveway. 

A licensed plumber of the customer’s choice can, at their cost, install the water services and infrastructure to support installation of the water meters. 

Coliban Water’s approved contractor will install the water meters when the preparatory works have been completed. 

The cost of installation will be invoiced to the customer by our contractor and will be confirmed after an application is received. 

Please note there will be an application fee for each property. This charge is applied to the customer's water account.  

A link to our fees & charges can be found here. 

Last updated on 31 Aug 2022
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