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The 2020/21 rural season has opened with an allocation of 100 per cent, for the 10th year in a row,.

Start and end dates for each channel can be found on our channel rosters for 2020/2021.

Channels that aren't on the roster (unrostered channels) run on demand of water orders made throughout the season.


Order rural water

To place an order and for more information, see Order rural water.


Pipeline systems

Our rural pipeline systems offer a year-round supply of water. However, the South Lockwood system only runs at high pressure during the rural season.

Pipelines can be unexpectedly shut-off for unplanned repair.

Make sure you:

  • run your water into a tank or dam for storage
  • have at least 3 days of water stored at any time

Rural System Map


Last updated on 25 Nov 2020
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