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The Coliban Water Rural System supplies raw and recycled water to rural areas via a network of open channels and pipelines.

To take and use water from our channels and pipelines you need a Rural Water Licence.


Use a New Water Licence (PDF 114KB) form to apply.

Use a Renew Existing Water Licence (PDF 287KB) form to apply.

To transfer all or part of your current licence:

To combine 2 current water licences, use an Amalgamating Water Licences (PDF 497KB) form.

To give another person authority to order water on your behalf, use a Third Party Access Authorisation (PDF 40KB) form.

You can surrender part or all of your licence using our Surrender a Water Licence (PDF 74KB) form. Once you have cancelled your licence, it can't be recovered.

Victoria has a tough stance on compliance with penalties for illegal take and use of water. Find out more here.

Section 51 Take and Use Licences

A Take and Use Licence is a fixed term entitlement to take and use water from a waterway, catchment dam, spring, soak or aquifer.

These licences are issued in line with Section 51 of the Water Act 1989 and each licence is subject to conditions set by the Minister and specified on the licence.

It allows a licence holder to take and use water for a specific purpose. The water licence includes the details of the location of where water can be taken and the land where the water can be used.

If you wish to take water from Coliban Water’s rural network, you are required to hold a licence.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when applying for a licence including water availability, land size, location of property and more.

We recommend you contact us on 1300 363 200 to discuss further, as granting a licence is not guaranteed.

We have been using Section 51 Take & Use licences since 1999. This was seen as the best fit for our rural supply system.

Each licence to take and use water from the Coliban Rural System includes specific customer details, land it can be used on and general conditions that apply to all licences.

Some customers will have additional conditions if they are supplied via a restricted channel or pipeline system.

Our licences are fixed term and are set at 5 or 15 years unless you are serviced via a restricted channel which is only 3 years. 

Aside from our rural tariffs, there are no additional fees for holding a Section 51 Take & Use Licence, however you will be charged a Licence Administration fee when the licence is created, modified, renewed or you have traded water onto your licence either temporarily or permanently.

Our Rural tariffs can be found in our Schedule of Fees & Charges.

You can either trade your licence volume for a negotiated price to another Coliban Water licence holder or you can surrender your water to Coliban Water.

Please call us on 1300 363 200 to discuss these options in more detail. 

Read the Victorian Water Act 1989.

Visit the Victorian Water Register website.

Last updated on 21 Feb 2024
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