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The Coliban Water Rural System supplies raw and recycled water to rural areas via a network of open channels and pipelines. To take and use water from our channels and pipelines you need a Rural Water Licence.


How to apply

Apply for a new licence

Use a New Water Licence (PDF 114KB) form to apply.


Renew your licence

Use a Renew Existing Water Licence (PDF 287KB) form to apply.


Transfer your licence

To transfer all or part of your current licence:

To combine 2 current water licences, use an Amalgamating Water Licences (PDF 497KB) form.

To give another person authority to order water on your behalf, use a Third Party Access Authorisation (PDF 40KB) form.


Cancel your licence

You can surrender part or all of your licence using our Surrender a Water Licence (PDF 74KB) form. Once you have cancelled your licence, it can't be recovered.


Last updated on 02 Jul 2020
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