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Victoria has a new focus on compliance with tougher penalties for illegal take and use of water. 

Coliban Water is responsible for the compliance and enforcement of rules about the take and use of water in the rural and urban systems. 

We can investigate and prosecute breaches, such as water theft and unauthorised construction of, or damage to, channels and water meters.   

There are increased penalties for individuals or body corporates for relevant breaches of the Victorian Water Act 1989. 

If you have any questions about breaches of the legislation or want to report water theft, you can contact Coliban Water on 1300 761 738 or by email on  

Where you either report an alleged offence or enforcement action is taken against you, the following options are available if you are unsatisfied with the outcome: 

  • Make a complaint to Coliban Water’s General Counsel and Corporate Secretary via the contact details provided above 
  • Make a complaint to the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria 
  • Commence legal proceedings to challenge the decision 

Complying with your water licence is your responsibility. If you’re unsure of your obligations or want to know more about your licence, contact us and we’ll assist you. 

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Last updated on 25 Nov 2020
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