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If you experience a service issue, such as a water supply outage or poor water quality, you'll generally get a rebate. 

Find out if you're eligible for customer or community rebate and how much you'll get back.


How to get a rebate

We collect and review data on our service performance each month so we know when to pay a rebate, so you don’t need to apply. Customer rebates are paid directly into your Coliban Water account the month after the service issue.

Generally, there's no limit to the number of rebates a customer or community can get.



Sewer intrusion into your house contained within an hour.

  • Cleanup cost
  • Plus $300

Sewer intrusion into your house not contained within an hour.

  • Cleanup cost
  • Plus $1,000

Sewer intrusion into your house contained instantly (blown seal).

  • First time: $50
  • 2 or more times: $100

3 or more sewer blockages in a year.


Rural customers receive less than 100 per cent of their water allocation in a year.

Fee reduction to the infrastructure charge – reduction is the percentage of undelivered allocation

4 or more water supply outages in a year.


Unplanned water supply outage not restored within 5 hours.


Planned water supply outage on:

  • weekends
  • weekdays from 5am to 9am or 5pm to 9pm


Your water supply is restricted before attempts to notify you and offer payment assistance.


We fail to remove a restrictor from your water meter within 24 hours of you paying your bill or making a payment plan.


Poor quality drinking water for 6 months or more due to our infrastructure or treatment processes.

Equivalent to 25 per cent of the Water Access Fee

We don't respond to your letter or email within 10 business days.


Special Meter Read not completed within 1 business day of the requested day.

Special Meter Read fee refund

High priority inspection not completed within 2 business days.


High priority mains inspection not completed within 10 business days.

Mains inspection fee refund

To find out more about our service costs, see fees and charges


Community rebates

We work with affected communities to determine how and where the rebate will be directed.



Significant sewer spill to local waterways or the environment.


Poor water pressure and/or flowrate for a prolonged period that prevents day to day tasks.


We advise customers not to consume water because of a water quality issue.


Taste, odour or colour of a town’s water supply is affected by our infrastructure or treatment processes for more than 7 days.


Current community rebates

Applications for Community Rebates are open to community groups and projects and can be submitted by online form, email, post or in person at the our office in Bendigo. 

There are currently no rebates available.

Terms & Conditions (PDF 131KB)

Last updated on 06 Feb 2020
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