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Borung is a small town 70 kilometres north west of Bendigo. It's located in the Shire of Loddon and has a population of around 82 people.

You can view the latest Water Summary for Borung here.

Water Supply

Wimmera - supplies Borung, Korong Vale, Wedderburn and Wychitella. Raw water is supplied by the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline. Grampians-Wimmera Mallee Water manages the raw water supply.

Water Treatment

Water in Borung is untreated, non-drinking water.


There is no sewerage system for the township of Borung.


There's 1 standpipe in Borung:

  • Fire Station, Fernihurst North Road, Mysia

For more information on standpipes and how to use them, see water carting.

Projects and planned works

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Last updated on 28 Jul 2023
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