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At Coliban Water, we partner with suppliers and contractors who not only offer value for our customers' money, but also present opportunities to deliver social and sustainable outcomes that benefit the Victorian community.

We understand the importance of a socially and economically strong community and recognise the contribution we can make through procurement choices.

Our approach delivers positive outcomes through procurement by adopting four specific approaches:

  • Purchasing from social enterprises;Dja Dja Wurrung field day
  • Purchasing from Aboriginal businesses;
  • Purchasing from Australian Disability Enterprises; and
  • Purchasing from suppliers that maximise positive employment outcomes.


Important information

View the Fair Jobs Code - Useful Links (PDF 164KB)

We're mandated to source certain categories of goods and services from State Purchase Contracts and Registers (SPC’s). SPC’s are categorised lists of Victorian Government suppliers that have been pre-approved by the Government as providing ‘value for money’, which includes the consideration of non-financial factors including environmental and social value.

Each SPC is structured differently. Some have a single supplier, or a closed panel of suppliers, and 
contracts typically run for 3-5 years following a rigorous application process. Others operate as open 
panels and may include several hundred suppliers, and suppliers can join at any time. Such panels have 
no expiry period and have a simple application process. All suppliers can apply to join open panels or bid 
for SPC’s through a tendering process. 

To find out more about how goods and services SPC’s are set up and managed, refer here.

Each SPC has its own information page on the Buying for Victoria website, which includes an explanation of what is covered under the SPC (and what is not), current supplier lists, current contract end dates (which will indicate potential future tender dates), the mandatory or non-mandatory status, and Category Manager (or Primary Contact) details.

You can browse all SPC’s and their information pages here.

Currently, 21 out of 32 existing contracts and 3 out of 4 existing registers are classified as mandatory, and Coliban Water must source goods and services from these contracts and registers.

There is opportunity for regional suppliers to be part of the SPC’s as more suppliers will be called upon to meet the increasing demand in regional areas as a result of the expansion. All new opportunities are 
advertised on the Buying for Victoria website. Suppliers are encouraged to register on the Buying for 
Victoria tenders portal to view and respond to procurement opportunities as they arise.

To enquire about potential opportunities under individual SPC’s, please refer to the Category Manager (or Primary Contact) for the relevant contract or register.

Contact details can be obtained from the Buying for Victoria website SPC information pages

Coliban Water is taking a proactive approach to the management of modern slavery risk by increasing the levels of transparency in our operations and supply chains and working collaboratively with stakeholders, industry and suppliers.

View our full statement here. This Statement is currently under review by the Attorney-General’s Department and has not yet been officially published on the Modern Slavery Register.


The Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) describes the minimum expectations in the areas of: integrity, ethics and conduct; conflict of interest, gifts, benefits and hospitality; corporate governance; labour and human rights; health and safety; and environmental management. 

You can review the full code on the Buying for Victoria website here.

Suppliers to Coliban Water are advised to review the Code and ensure that relevant areas of their 
business and supply chain meet these standards. Coliban Water seeks to work with its Suppliers to meet 
and exceed minimum expectations as outlined in this Code and continuously strives to improve the 
standard of its business practices.

To demonstrate your commitment, we request that all suppliers to Coliban Water review the Code, 
complete the ‘Commitment to the Victorian State Government Supplier Code of Conduct’ letter and return it to 

Respect for human rights aligns with Coliban Water’s organisational values, and we want to ensure that 
we work with suppliers that share them. 

To consider your own supply chain risks and assist us to prevent modern slavery, please refer to the 
educational material on our website. 

Following this, key Modern Slavery questions to ask yourselves and your suppliers are:

  1. To what extent have you mapped your own supply chain and how?
  2. What does your supply chain look like?
  3. What is the risk that modern slavery practices are occurring in your supply chain (e.g. 
  4. underpayment of wages or excessive working hours)?
  5. What are the working conditions of your workers like?

If you identify potential risks in your supply chain, please advise your Coliban Water contact or email and we will assist you to understand, identify and manage labour rights and modern slavery risk.

GROW Bendigo is a collaborative program that works with businesses across the Bendigo region to 
strengthen social and economic outcomes and increase job opportunities through strategic procurement and employment. GROW Bendigo is funded by the State Government locally through Be Bendigo. 

If this change affects your business and you wish to tender or apply to be on a SPC, please email GROW 
Bendigo at GROW Bendigo will collect your details and connect with you to 
create strategies that provide you with the support you need to prepare to tender.

Last updated on 21 Dec 2023

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