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Customers serviced by our Rural System can trade water. Trades are only allowed within our system as water travels in a northerly direction with no means to direct water back to our system once it leaves. We are licenced to supply rural water under Section 51 of the Water Act 1989. Section 51 'take and use' licences can be traded in part or in full, on a permanent or temporary basis.


Trading Restrictions

All water trades:

  • must be between parties that are Bundled Entitlement Entity holders in the Victorian Water Register;
  • must remain within our Rural System.
  • are subject to system capacity limitations that the water is being traded into.

All water in the Harcourt Rural Modernised Pipeline system,if permanently traded out of this system or surrendered back to us, has an exit fee attached. All water trade restrictions need to be approved by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority. These are explained in the Coliban Water Trading Rules document (PDF 35KB)


Buying and selling water

Buyers and sellers of licences generally find each other by word of mouth or newspaper advertisements. We also keep a list to help buyers to find interested sellers. Contact us to access this list or use our Rural Transfer List form (PDF 237KB) to list your water.


Victorian Water Register

The Victorian Water Register is a public register of all water-related entitlements in Victoria. It provides important information for managing Victoria’s water resources.

Check the register for: 

  • rural trade where we have both been a party to the trade and the approval authority. This data is required under section 12.38 of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.
Last updated on 14 Mar 2020
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