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Pyramid Hill is a small town on Victoria's northern plains about 80 kilometres from Bendigo. It's in the Loddon Shire and has a population of around 470 people.

You can view the latest Water Summary for Pyramid Hill here.

Water restrictions

Water Supply

Goulburn - supplies Rochester, Pyramid Hill, Boort, Lockington, Mitiamo, Serpentine, Dingee, Jarklin, Mysia and Macorna. Raw water is supplied from the Waranga Basin. Goulburn-Murray Water manages the raw water supply. The source for Pyramid Hill and Serpentine is the Waranga Basin, then supplied through the Pyramid Hill Channel system for Pyramid Hill, and for Serpentine the East Loddon Pipeline

Water Treatment

Raw water is treated at the nearby Aquagenics plant.

The Water Treatment Process (PDF 43KB) includes flocculation, clarification, filtration, pH correction and chlorination. If necessary, powdered activated carbon (PAC) is added to remove blue green algae.



Sewage is pumped to the Pyramid Hill Water Reclamation Plant.

What happens at the water reclamation plant

2 lagoons and an irrigation system treat sewage to a class C standard.

The treated water is evaporated or irrigated on a treated effluent irrigation area next to the plant.

The plant currently treats around 50 megalitres each year.


There's 1 standpipe in Pyramid Hill:

  • Behind Railway Avenue, Pyramid Hill

For more information on standpipes and how to use them, see water carting.

Projects and planned works

We plan projects and works to maintain and improve our services. Find out more about our current projects or planned works in our region.


Last updated on 01 Apr 2020
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