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Invoice or Account Statement

For a copy of a previous invoice or account statement, complete an Invoice or Account Statement Request online form.

You'll need:

  • your account number (9 digit number prefaced with the letter C in the top right corner of your bill)

Applications take 2 business days to process.


Information Statement

An Information Statement shows the water and/or sewage fees owing on a property at a particular time.

It's usually needed when buying or selling a property, but can be requested any time.

For most properties, you'll also need a Special Meter Read, which calculates water use at the property to a particular date.

How to order

If you want an Information Statement, a Special Meter Read, or both, complete our Information Statement and Special Meter Read Request form online.

You'll need:

  • all relevant titles
  • title plan
  • credit card to make a payment

Once we get your form and payment, we can process your order. It will take approximately 5 working days.

If you only want an Information Statement, you can alternatively apply using Landata or SAI Global.

Fees (2021/22)

Information Statement $29.19
Special Meter Read $19.43
Information Statement and Special Meter Read $48.62

Fees are GST exempt.

Note that if you apply using our online form and we can't find a property that matches your application, you'll get a Not Rated Certificate. In this case, the fee still applies.


Last updated on 01 Jul 2021
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