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22 December 2020

Residents connecting new properties to Coliban Water’s drinking and recycled systems will benefit from an updated and improved process.

From January 4, 2021, Coliban Quick Connect will bring the new water connections process in-house, giving customers a single point of application.

Coliban Quick Connect is for builders, people connecting services to their land, or changing services on their land.

“The new system means one online form and one bill,” Coliban Water Executive General Manager Climate and Population Adaptation Steve Healy said.

“Builders and customers will now deal with a single contractor whose only job is to deliver and install new connections, including digital water meters, for the region.

“All they need to do is complete the online form, pay the connection fee and we will install the new water meter within 10 business days.

“The same goes for recycled water customers. Some new estates around the region have access to recycled water, and this process will also apply to them.”

The new process will bring Coliban Water into alignment with the rest of the industry, and will have a raft of benefits for the community.

“Coliban Quick Connect is expected to lower new connection costs to customers overall, depending on where they live,” Mr Healy said. 

“The process will make it easier to meet demand for new connections in high-growth areas across the entire Coliban Water region.

“It allows Coliban Water to take responsibility for managing the quality of the connection assets and who installs them, the same way power, gas and telecommunications companies do.

“Digital data loggers will be installed on all new meters.”

Coliban Water’s appointed contractor will complete the water main tapping, installation of property service, and installation of the meter assembly using local contractors and employees.

Connection applications made before 4 January will continue to be managed through the existing process.

To apply to connect to Coliban Water’s drinking or recycled water system go to or call our Customer Service team on 1300 363 200.

Last updated on 24 Dec 2020
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