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20 December 2023

A newly-completed Biosolids Base in Dunolly will increase the processing of biosolids for long-term sustainable reuse.

Biosolids consist of organic material left-over after sewage treatment and can be used to improve soil quality and crop yield.

There has been an increase in the generation of biosolids in our region as the population grows. 

Coliban Water General Manager Operations Julian Bull said the completion of the facility this month is a win-win for local farmers and the broader community who will benefit from biosolids.

“We’re making essential improvements to the way we manage biosolids. The Dunolly facility will become a regional solution, equipped to accept biosolids from any of our water reclamation plants.

“Farmers who already use our biosolids have reported increased yields and improved soil health. They are also cheaper and more sustainable than other types of fertiliser,” Mr Bull said.

Construction of the 10-hectare site at the Dunolly Water Reclamation Plant began in July following conversations with the community in March and April. 

Earlier this month, Coliban Water invited community leaders and local residents to the new facility to have a look around. 

“We were pleased to have the support of the Dunolly community for this project,” Mr Bull said.

Biosolids deliveries to site will begin from early 2024. Biosolids will be unloaded at the tipping point and each year, during the warmer months, are windrowed to accelerate drying.

“This is done to reduce the moisture concentration in the solids through open-air evaporation,” Mr Bull said.

The drying season usually runs from October to May (depending on weather), but the base will accept biosolids year-round.

“At the end of the drying season, windrowed biosolids are tested to ensure they meet the right quality standards and stockpiled for storage until they are allocated for beneficial reuse”

“As more biosolids are dried and prepared for use on local properties, we will be able to join with more biosolids reuse partners,” Mr Bull said.

“Anyone interested in becoming a partner can complete the expression of interest form on our website.”

The first processed biosolids will be available for reuse in 2027.

To learn more or to register your expression of interest in becoming a Biosolids Reuse Partner, visit 

Last updated on 20 Dec 2023
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