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Letting us know about your move is quick and easy. Whether you’re moving in or out of a property in our area, we can help you organise your account in just a few minutes. 

I am a home owner

If you’re buying or selling a property in the Coliban Water region, you don’t need to let us know. Your solicitor or conveyancer will create a new account if you’re moving in and finalise your account when you move out. 

What happens in the settlement process when I move out?

Your solicitor or conveyancer will request a Water Information Statement from Coliban Water including water and sewerage information about your property. That statement will include any outstanding charges that are payable at settlement.

We won’t send you a final bill. We will transfer the responsibility of the account to the new owner as part of the settlement process. Your solicitor or conveyancer will incorporate any unpaid charges into the property settlement.

A word of advice

We recommend your solicitor or conveyancer obtains a special meter reading before settlement. With this final reading you can ensure that the final sale amount is based on the amount of water you have actually used, instead of an estimate. Please ensure the meter reader can access the property to get this reading.

As a renter you are responsible for paying the water usage if your property has a separate water meter. You only pay for what you use and the rental provider pays for all other charges.

If you are renting at a property with a shared or amalgamated meter, we will not be able to list you as a tenant in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act. Your usage charges will be paid by the rental provider. 

Moving in

When you move in as a tenant, you or your real estate agent will need to set up an account in your name.  You can complete our online Move In/Move Out a Tenant form or you can contact our team on 1300 363 200 during business hours. 

Property owners can notify us when a new tenant moves into their property, but we will need the tenant's personal details to create an account. Please note we require a minimum 48 hours to set up a new account and tenancy arrangement.

Moving out

As a tenant, the responsibility to close your Coliban Water account resides with you. To close an account and advise us you are moving out, you can complete our online Move In/Move Out a Tenant form or you can contact our team on 1300 363 200 during business hours. 

Until we have been notified you will continue to be responsible for the usage charges.

Some of the renters are changing

If you are leaving a tenancy, but others are staying on and your name is on the account, please contact our team on 1300 363 200 to ensure we remove you from the ongoing account invoices. 

If you are moving into an existing tenancy and wish to add your name to the account invoice, please contact our team on 1300 363 200 during business hours. 

I’m moving a renter into my property

You will continue to receive access charges for your water and/or sewer service. Your renter/tenant will be responsible for usage charges if the property is separately metered and we have been notified of the tenant occupying the property.

My renter is moving out

If a renter is moving out of a property you manage, we can finalise their account. Simply let us know their move out date and we’ll organise a final meter reading and send their final bill. 

You will be responsible for usage charges on the property until another tenant is listed.

Water and sewage charges

All water and sewerage usage bills will be sent to the property owner directly for payment. The property owner may recover these costs from you as a tenant as part of your lease agreement. If you have any questions regarding your water costs, please contact the owner or your property manager.

With the property owner’s agreement, we can list business tenants as an authorised party on the account. The property owner will need to complete an Authorise Access to My Commercial Account application in these instances. 

You may need a trade waste agreement

Trade waste is all liquid waste, including clean wash water used during business activities, that is discharged into the sewer system. Find out how to set up a Trade Waste Agreement.

Last updated on 23 Jun 2023
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