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19 August 2019

Achieving our strategic vision in the challenging times ahead will be the focus of a Coliban Water workshop at the upcoming Bendigo Invention and Innovation Festival (BIIF) entitled “Innovation in Strategic Thinking.”

Coliban Water General Manager Information, Digital and Cyber, Amanda Finnis will lead the workshop and says she is looking forward to working with a diverse group of business and community leaders to help us create some innovative thinking at the event held September 2-5.

“Innovation and creativity thrive when there is a focus provided for thinking; when there is a clear problem to solve. We’ll be delving into what the future of Coliban Water looks like and teasing out some of the challenges we face as a business.

“We’re thrilled to be part of this festival and share our passion for innovation with the participants,” Ms Finnis said.

BIIF is described as a series of events that promote innovative ways of thinking and doing business, while challenging the dialogue around the future of regional Australia.

BIIF aims to grow Bendigo’s reputation as an innovation hotspot; supporting greater Bendigo businesses to be prosperous, sustainable and innovative.

The festival kicks off with the flagship event, the BIIF symposium, where Coliban Water will be hosting the Vision channel; designed for an executive, government and education audience.

The Vision channel will look at strategic insight and thought leadership around the opportunities and challenges the future holds.

“At Coliban Water we are striving towards creating green and active communities, as well as prosperous economies, through our Strategy 2030. And we’re always keen to find new opportunities to contribute to the liveability of our region.

“We’re building a culture of business innovation by aiming for great decision-making, based on real insights that can be generated by fostering different ways of thinking. We’re looking forward to seeing, hearing and supporting the “outside the square” thinking showcased during the festival,” Ms Finnis said.

Coliban Water Manager Data Science Dr Peter Prevos will also be taking the stage at the festival, presenting at the seminars ‘Start Small, Think Big: How to capture and utilise data’ as well as ‘Bias and ethics in a world of big data and AI.’

Dr Prevos is responsible for developing and implementing the data science strategy for Coliban Water, which aims to create value from data through useful, sound and aesthetic data science.

Tickets are now available for the festival via the BIIF website.




Last updated on 19 Aug 2019
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