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To make sure your plumbing is connected to the correct recycled water supply, we recommend doing a self-test every year. Particularly if you've recently had plumbing works or are a new homeowner or tenant.

Follow our steps below.

Step 1

Turn off the drinking water supply at the stop tap, which is usually near your water meter. (The recycled water supply needs to remain on.)

Turn on all sink, bath and shower taps (both hot and cold) then turn on internal appliances including the dishwasher and washing machine.

All taps and appliances should run dry after a short period of time. All toilets should flush normally and you should be able to hear the cistern refilling.

Step 2

Turn on all outside taps. The drinking water tap should run dry. Taps that continue to run should have a removable handle and be clearly labelled ‘Recycled water – do not drink’.

Turn off all the taps and appliances again.

Turn on your drinking water supply and then slowly turn on the drinking water tap furthest from the stop tap to help push trapped air out of the pipes.

Step 3

If you have problems during the check, for example your sink taps don't run dry as explained in Step 1 or your recycled water tap stopped running, call your plumber for help.

If you're still unsure, please call us on 1300 363 200 to find out more.


Last updated on 28 Jul 2023
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