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An Overflow Relief Gully (ORG) is a small drain in the ground outside your home. It is:

  • usually near the laundry
  • made of plastic or metal alloy
  • 100mm to 150mm in diameter

Its purpose is to direct sewage overflow away from your home in case of a blockage. It needs to be kept clear of debris, landscaping or pot plants to work properly.

ORG with debris
Keep it clear of debris or landscaping

Check that it's compliant

Ask your plumber to check that your ORG is compliant.

The grate should be loose and not covered by anything so it can pop off easily if the sewage overflows, releasing the pressure and directing sewage away from your home.

You might also like to ask your plumber about installing an Overflow Relief Cap (ORC). An ORC helps prevent stormwater entering your sewer pipes and allows the ORG to work normally if there's a blockage.

ORG with sealed lid
Lid must be loose so that it can easily pop off

What to do if it's not compliant

Ask your local plumber about what to do to make sure your ORG is compliant.

Remember, it's your responsibility to make sure it's installed and working properly. A faulty ORG may impact on insurance claims if you have a sewer overflow.


Last updated on 06 Oct 2022
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