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Fryerstown is a small town in the Mount Alexander Shire. Fryerstown and the surrounding area has a population of 320 people.

You can view the latest Water Summary for Fryerstown here.

Water restrictions

Water Supply

Coliban System (Southern) - supplies Castlemaine, Kyneton, Maldon, Newstead, Malmsbury, Harcourt, Elphinstone, Tylden and Taradale. Raw water is supplied by our Coliban River catchment storages: Upper Coliban, Lauriston and Malmsbury Reservoirs, located near Kyneton and the Coliban River.

Water Treatment

Water is treated at the Castlemaine Water Treatment Plant.

The Water Treatment Process (PDF 43KB) includes coagulation/flocculation, BAC filtration, ozonation, pH correction, fluoridation and disinfection.


There is no sewerage system for Fryerstown.

Towns without sewerage systems generally have septic tanks to treat sewage. Find out more about onsite wastewater systems on the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) website.


There are 3 standpipes near Fryerstown:

  • Fountain Street, Maldon
  • Tivey Street, Newstead
  • Roderick Street (corner of Jackson street), Taradale

For more information on standpipes and how to use them, see water carting.

Projects and planned works

We plan projects and works to maintain and improve our services. Find out more about our current projects or planned works in our region.


Last updated on 01 Apr 2020
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