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12 August 2019

Improvements to Echuca’s water supply network will take place in the form of water mains cleaning from Monday 26 August 2019.

Manager Customer Operations Steve Dunlop said the works will be carried out during late August and September for all of Echuca. 

“This has included working closely with local businesses and industrial areas about the best time to carry out the proactive cleaning work. Some of these works will be completed at night and during weekends to reduce impact on these local businesses. 

“Echuca’s residential areas will be completed during the day. We will notify affected customers by letter about the upcoming works, which will interrupt their water supply for approximately four to five hours at the most during the cleaning works.

“Prior to the works, we recommend that customers turn the stop tap off at their water meter or try to avoid using water during this time. This is a precautionary measure to prevent sediment from entering the pipes. 

“Information, including the time and day on which the cleaning works will take place in their area, will be sent to customers so they can prepare for the water supply interruption,” Mr Dunlop said.

The cleaning technique used involves forcing a mixture of compressed air and water into the mains, known as ‘air scouring’.

“Some customers may notice water discolouration once water supply has been restored. 

“If discolouration does occur, we advise customers to run their taps until the water becomes clear. Once water supply has been restored, customers can resume their normal water use,” Mr Dunlop said.

The works are part of a wider program of annual cleaning which will take place in Boort, Raywood and Sebastian, also throughout August and September this year.

The works help to maintain the integrity of the region’s water supply network by removing any sediment built up and ensuring good disinfection levels.

This year, the network will see more than 130 kilometres of water mains cleaned across the region – almost the distance from Bendigo to Melbourne. 

All drinking water is treated to a standard that meets the requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and Victoria’s Safe Drinking Water Act.

Customers with questions can phone our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 (1300 COLIBAN) or visit the water mains cleaning page of our website. 

Last updated on 15 Aug 2019
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