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Dingee is in the Loddon Shire about 50 kilometres north of Bendigo. Dingee and the surrounding area has a population of around 200 people. The Dingee Post Office opened on 12 December 1883 for the arrival of the railway.

You can view the latest Water Summary for Dingee here.

Water restrictions

Water Supply

Goulburn - supplies Rochester, Pyramid Hill, Boort, Lockington, Mitiamo, Serpentine, Dingee, Jarklin, Mysia and Macorna. Raw water is supplied from the Waranga Basin. Goulburn-Murray Water manages the raw water supply. The source for Pyramid Hill and Serpentine is the Waranga Basin, then supplied through the Pyramid Hill Channel system for Pyramid Hill, and for Serpentine the East Loddon Pipeline

Water Treatment

Water in Dingee is untreated, non-drinking water.

In the event of poor raw water quality, the water should not be used for personal hygiene purposes such as bathing or showering.



There is no sewerage system for Dingee.

Towns without sewerage systems generally have septic tanks to treat sewage. Find out more about onsite wastewater systems on the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) website.


The nearest standpipes to Dingee are:

  • opposite 6 Chapel Street, Serpentine
  • Jarklin East Road (beside CFA), Jarklin

For more information on standpipes and how to use them, see water carting.

Projects and planned works

We plan projects and works to maintain and improve our services. Find out more about our current projects or planned works in our region.


Last updated on 01 Apr 2020
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