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You need permission to build over or within 1 metre of a Coliban Water asset such as pipes, property connections, man holes and channels. Our assets (sometimes known as easements) need to be accessible for us to maintain, repair or replace.

To find out if there's assets on your property, see locating assets.

Apply for a Build-Over Agreement

To do works over an easement or within 1 metre of a Coliban Water asset, the property owner needs to enter into a Build-Over Agreement. This legal agreement gives you conditional permission but protects our right of access.

Read the Build-Over Consent Guidelines (PDF 2MB) before applying to find out what works are allowed.

How to apply

To apply to for a Build-Over Agreement, submit the Application for Works Over Assets form with the design of your proposed structure.

Applications take up to 10 business days to process.


The application fee is $351.72

If your works aren't covered in the Build-Over Consent Guidelines and your application is unsuccessful, you may receive a full refund.

Creating easements on private property

We create easements to access and protect Coliban Water assets. If an easement is created on private property, it will be registered on the property title. While existing structures can stay, future use of the land may be restricted.

Read more about your Rights and Responsibilities (PDF 48KB) with easements.


Last updated on 26 Jun 2023
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