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To secure a water supply for tomorrow's generation we are planning for the effects of dry conditions, climate change and population growth on our region.

Monthly water summaries and expert reports inform the strategies we create that drive our work. 


Our plans for the future

Every year, we create our Annual Water Outlook which shows our current water resources, the outlook for the coming year and the possibility of restrictions.


Urban Water Strategy

The Urban Water Strategy is our plan to secure water for the next 50 years. As our region is heavily influenced by climate change and a growing population, we review our strategy regularly to make sure we get the balance right.


Government strategies

The Victorian Government’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) develops programs and strategies that take a long-term view of water resource planning. 

DELWP guides the plans and policies of water corporations and catchment management authorities in each region. Visit DELWP water and catchments for their latest reports and strategies.

Water summaries

Our water summaries give monthly updates on water storages for each of our 8 systems.

You can download the August water summaries (PDF 4.8MB) here.

Find out which system your town uses.

For earlier summaries email



Last updated on 09 Sep 2021

Share your ideas, provide us with feedback and work with us to make the Coliban Water region a place to live, grow and enjoy.

Visit Connect Coliban to find out about projects and the future of water in your region.

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