The township of Cohuna is located in the Loddon Murray Region of Victoria, Australia. Cohuna has a population of 2,800 and is a three-hour drive from Melbourne.

Major regional centres of Kerang, Bendigo, Echuca and Swan Hill are within one hour by road. Cohuna is part of the Gannawarra Shire, one of Victoria’s most diverse agricultural regions.

Cohuna is an attractive rural town nestled on the banks of the majestic Gunbower Creek. Renowned for its natural beauty, Cohuna is a popular destination for visitors wishing to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Water supply

Cohuna is part of the Murray System, with a direct offtake from Gunbower Creek. The Murray System which includes, Cohuna, Echuca, Gunbower and Leithville is just over 6,200 megalitres.

There are approximately 1,400 commercial and residential customers in the urban reticulation scheme in Cohuna.

Cohuna also has a rural water supply system providing water by agreement to customers downstream of the urban reticulation.

For further water resource information on the Murray System see our monthly Water Summaries.


Water treatment

The water from Gunbower Creek is treated at Cohuna Water Treatment Plant by flocculation, clarification, filtration and pH correction.

Powdered activated carbon (PAC) is dosed during water quality events to manage taste and odour issues.

The water is chlorinated before pumping to clearwater storage.

Full list of water treatment processes and added substances at out plants.


Projects, planned works and standpipes

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Cohuna's elevated water tower



Where does my sewage go?

The Cohuna wastewater collection system comprises a network of local gravity collection systems connected to neighbouring pumping stations and services around 1,080 customers.

All sewage is pumped via a rising main to the water reclamation plant in Chuggs Road, located about two kilometres south of the township.

What happens at the Water Reclamation Plant?

Effluent is treated at the Cohuna Water Reclamation Plant by a series of treatment lagoons that provide secondary treatment of the wastewater. Treated effluent or reclaimed water can be stored in two lagoons and allowed to evaporate.

Unlike most of our sites there is no reclaimed water reuse at Cohuna due to the high evaporation rates in the area.

The facility currently treats around 240 megalitres annually.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria licence specifies conditions for the management of emissions from the site including wastewater quality and odour.


Water restrictions

Permanent Water Saving Rules (PWSR) apply.

PWSR are a set of five common sense water rules that are in place at all times when water restrictions are not in force.



Recreation Reserve off Cohuna Island Road
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Pricing information


Currently our region is divided into two separate pricing districts: Central and Northern. Fixed charges remain the same across both pricing districts but customers in each district pay a different rate per kilolitre of water used.


Cohuna is in our Northern District which covers our towns along the Murray River – Rochester, Echuca, Cohuna, Leitchville and Gunbower.


For full details see our Pricing information page.





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