Serpentine is a town on the Loddon Valley Highway, about 50 kilometres north west of Bendigo. Serpentine is in the Loddon Shire and has a population of around 400.

The town is named for Serpentine Creek, a tributary of the Loddon River. The creek in turn was named for explorer Thomas Mitchell's description of the River Red Gum trees lining the rivers and creeks of the area.

The Burke and Wills expedition is alleged to have passed the townsite in 1860 while attempting to reach the Gulf of Carpentaria.


Water supply

The Goulburn System serves the town population as well as industrial and commercial customers with around 80 connections.

Raw water is sourced from Serpentine Weir on the nearby creek.

For further water resource information on the Goulburn System see our monthly Water Summaries.


Water treatment

The raw water used to come from Serpentine Creek, but now comes from the Warranga Western channel via the East Loddon pipeline scheme, which was opened in 2012 and jointly funded by Coliban Water and Goulburn-Murray Water.

It is pumped to the Serpentine Water Treatment Plant where it is treated by flocculation, clarification, filtration and pH correction. If required, a carbon filter is used for the removal of blue green algae. The water is chloraminated before transfer to clearwater storage.

The treatment plant has the capacity to treat 0.9 megalitres per day.

The treated water is stored in the 210 kilolitre roofed concrete clearwater tank. Water is then fed to the Serpentine reticulation system.


Projects, planned works and standpipes

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Serpentine water storage and standpipe



There is no sewerage system for the township of Serpentine.

Townships without sewerage systems generally have septic tanks or other onsite wastewater systems to treat and dispose of, or recycle domestic wastewater at unsewered sites.

There is an EPA Code of Practice for Onsite Wastewater Management and the local councils are responsible for the developing and managing domestic wastewater programs and plans. Further information on onsite wastewater is available on the EPA website.


Water restrictions

Permanent Water Saving Rules (PWSR) apply.

PWSR are a set of five common sense water rules that are in place at all times when water restrictions are not in force.



Opposite 6 Chapel Street, Serpentine (Google Map)


Pricing information

Currently our region is divided into two separate pricing districts: Central and Northern. Fixed charges remain the same across both pricing districts but customers in each district pay a different rate per kilolitre of water used.



Serpentine is in our Central District which covers our Bendigo, Castlemaine and Kyneton areas, Pyramid Hill, Lockington and towns near the Loddon River.

For full details see our Pricing information page.




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