Elmore is a small town in Victoria about 50 kilometres north-east of Bendigo on the Campaspe River. Elmore is close to the Whipstick State Park.

Elmore is in the City of Greater Bendigo local government area and has a population of around 670 people.

In the first week of October one of Australia's oldest and largest field days is held at Elmore. The first field day was held at Elmore in1964.

Water Supply

The water supply system serves a population of around 670 people with around 400 connections.

Raw water for the township is sourced from two groundwater bores. Both bores are approximately 75 metres deep and there is a submersible pump in each.

For further water resource information on the Elmore System see our monthly Water Summaries.

Water treatment

The Elmore Water Treatment Plant is located adjacent to the elevated water storage in the town.

Water is pumped from the bores through a mixing chamber where it is treated for pH correction. The water then passes through a UV disinfection unit before entering the water tower which holds up to 340 kilolitres. The plant has the capacity to treat around 2.5 megalitres per day.

The water gravitates from the elevated tank to the Elmore reticulation system.


Projects, Planned Works and Standpipes

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Elmore Water Treatment Plant and water tower



Where does my sewage go?

Wastewater is collected via five pump stations and approximately 10 kilometres of sewer mains and transferred to the Elmore Water Reclamation Plan located about four kilometres east of Elmore.

What happens at the water reclamation plant?

The plant is a facultative lagoon system which has the capacity to treat an average flow of 0.25 megalitres a day.

Treated water is disposed of on-site. Solid wastes are stored at the plant within the lagoon system for periodic disposal to land.


Water Restrictions

Permanent Water Saving Rules (PWSR) apply.

PWSR are a set of five common sense water rules that are in place at all times when water restrictions are not in force.



Fire Brigade Track, Elmore (Google Map)

Raywood Road, Elmore (Google Map)


Pricing information

Currently our region is divided into two separate pricing districts: Central and Northern. Fixed charges remain the same across both pricing districts but customers in each district pay a different rate per kilolitre of water used.


Elmore is in our Central District which covers our Bendigo, Castlemaine and Kyneton areas, Pyramid Hill, Lockington and towns near the Loddon River.

For full details see our Pricing information page.



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