Pricing Information

> Prices for 2017/18

All our prices for 2017/18 can be found in our Schedule of Fees and Charges 2017/18 (PDF 1.3MB).

The prices we charge are overseen by the Essential Services Commission (ESC), the economic regulator of the Victorian water sector.

Every five years we develop a plan that details our pricing pathway and the service outcomes we will deliver.

Our Water Plan 2013-2018 explains the prices and pricing structure for our services.


> Fixed charges

Learn more about the fixed charges on your account, why they are needed and where every $100 of your residential water bill goes


> Understanding your bill

Learn more about your water bill with our easy reference-guide.


> Online Residential Pricing Estimator

Use our online pricing estimator to calculate residential bill estimates for your household.


> Bill payment options

There are a variety of ways that you can pay your bill. These are all listed on the reverse of your water bill and on our Pay your bill web page.

> Payment difficulties

Please call 1300 363 200 for a confidential discussion about payment options.


> Pricing areas in our region

Our region is divided into two separate pricing districts: Central and Northern.

Customers in each district pay a different rate per kilolitre of water used. 

Fixed charges remain the same across both pricing districts.


> Government Water Rebate

The Government Water Rebate initiative was aimed at lowering household water bills across the state and delivering lower tariffs to customers in our region.

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