Government Water Rebate

The Government Water Rebate initiative was aimed at lowering household water bills across the state and delivering lower tariffs to customers in our region.

All water and sewer (residential and non-residential) customers in our region benefited from a reduction in the prices that were previously approved by the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

Customers' bills increased from 1 July 2015 as outlined in our 2013-2018 Water Plan however, due to the Government Water Rebate, the water usage price and fixed price for sewer remained lower than what was previously approved by the ESC.



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For owner occupiers, this equated to an average saving of $36 for customers in the Central pricing district (Bendigo, Castlemaine, Kyneton) and $27 for customers in the Northern pricing district.

For tenants who only pay the variable cost of water, this equated to an average yearly saving of $25 in our Central pricing district and $17 for tenants in our Northern pricing district.

For further information see our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 27KB).

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