Fixed charges

> What are fixed charges?

There are three components to your residential customer bill – your water fixed charges, your water variable charge and your sewer fixed charge.

Your water variable charge is a single price per kilolitre of water used.  This component of your water bill will vary depending on the amount of water you use.

Your water and sewer fixed charges are the costs we associate with operating and maintaining water and sewer treatment and delivery infrastructure.


> Why are they needed?

The cost of maintaining our treatment plants, pipes and reservoirs is high and we recoup this cost through the fixed component of your bill.  These costs are incurred across our entire network.  That is why all customers contribute the same amount (pay the same fixed cost), regardless of usage. 

Our new pricing structure better reflects the true cost of our services, whilst balancing what is affordable for our customers and still ensuring we remain a financially sustainable business. 


> Where every $100 of your residential water bill goes?


This example provides a general breakdown of an overall residential account and how much is attributed to each service.


Estimate your future residential bills

Use our online Residential Pricing Estimator to calculate bill estimates for your household.

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