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> What is BPAY View?

If you register for BPAY View, you will be able to receive your Coliban Water bills electronically through the online banking you already use. BPAY View is a feature of online banking that allows you to receive, view, pay and store your bills electronically.


> How do I register to use BPAY View?

BPAY View registration is quick and easy!

1. Login to your online banking and find the BPAY View or ‘View bills’ tab.

2. Enter the Coliban Water BPAY biller code 39156, and your 13 digit account number (without hyphens or spaces).

3. Receive confirmation from your online banking financial institution and you’ll start receiving your Coliban Water bills electronically through BPAY View.

If you cannot find BPAY View on your online banking portal, contact your financial institution to confirm they are a provider. Alternatively, you can search a list of participating financial institutions here.


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