Water Security

> Reservoir Levels

Our Reservoir Levels page includes daily updates of volume, inflows, rainfall and releases at our major catchment storages on the Coliban River.

It also includes weekly updates of volume levels of our holding basins from the BOM website.


> Water Summaries

Our region has nine different water supply system areas, with the Coliban system divided into northern and southern.

Water Summaries are prepared each month to provide customers with water resource information

> Annual Water Outlook 2017-18

Our Annual Water Outlook (AWO) reviews the preceding year, and takes a 12-month look forward of water resource availability.

Our AWO includes our Annual Operating Plan, which outlines the actions we will undertake to maintain our level of security obligations.

Annual Water Outlook 2017-18 Appendices

> 5-year Pricing Submission

All water corporations in Victoria are required to produce a Pricing Submission that sets out all its plans for every five-year regulatory period.

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) is the water industry's independent regulator and is responsible for checking that our programs are justified, and our costs and charges are reasonable and realistic.

> Urban Water Strategy

Our Urban Water Strategy outlines our water supply initiatives to meet our region’s residential, business and community water needs for the next 50 years.

Our strategy is designed to be reviewed regularly and adjusted to ensure that we are getting the balance right.


> Government Strategies

Information on Government strategies, programs and plans that relate to water in our region.














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