Sustainability Goals

> Goals

We have developed sustainability goals to bring the sustainability principles to life and to provide focus for the business. We will continue develop key performance indicators so we can track progress towards targets.


> High performing service delivery and high customer satisfaction     

The provision of water and wastewater services is at the centre of our business.  To be sustainable we seek to continuously improve service delivery through the capital works program and responsiveness of staff to enquiries and service failures. Customer satisfaction is a product of service delivery.


> Promote practice change within Coliban Water and the community  

We want to facilitate new ideas and practices and assist industries and communities to understand, manage and adapt to change related to water and the generation of wastewater. 


> Demonstrate sustainability leadership in the community through partnership and innovation  

Sustainability requires bringing together different perspectives from across the business, stakeholders and the community. By integrating these perspectives, we can develop effective responses and create opportunities for innovation.


> Provide options to create a water efficient region   

We need to adopt an integrated approach to the delivery of services, water efficiency measures include demand-side options, the ability to substitute products and the optimisation of existing water sources.


> Contributing to clean waterways  

Our region’s waterways provides significant ecosystem services including drinking water and recreational opportunities.  We aim to minimise impacts to the waterways through extraction for drinking water or treated effluent discharge.


> Minimise environmental impacts from operations  

We aim to minimise operational impacts in terms of land use, biodiversity, noise, odour, water quality and greenhouse gas emissions.


> Develop business management tools to integrate sustainability principles    

Fundamental to the creation of a sustainable business are the tools to develop sustainable people and processes. To integrate sustainability, our decision-making process need to be transparent, defendable and give due consideration to social, environmental and economic criteria.


> Being a sustainably efficient business       

Business efficiency is an enabler of sustainability.  Having a sound business footing encourages further investment which can result in improvements in sustainability. 


> Providing clean, safe drinking water

The potable water that we supply to towns across our distribution network needs to be of an acceptable quality for its intended use. The provision of potable water is dependent upon  suitable raw water quality, available treatment options and the demand from communities to be supplied with potable water.


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