Visiting our Reservoirs

Our Coliban River storages – Lauriston, Malmsbury and Upper Coliban Reservoirs – are the main sources of drinking water for around 130,000 people in the region.

They’re also a great place to visit and one of our roles is to balance opportunities for recreation and enjoyment with the duty of care and legislative obligations we have. These are in place to reduce risks to water quality and provide safe drinking water to our communities.

Our reservoirs provide an opportunity to go fishing, exercise, have a picnic or simply enjoy the scenery. We actively work with local communities, clubs and organisations to support recreation at our reservoirs and provide a place for community enjoyment.

These facilities include walking tracks, fishing areas, barbecue areas, toilets, picnic spots, parking, sheltered seating, viewing areas and playgrounds.

> Caring for our reservoirs

We ask visitors to our reservoirs to be considerate and respectful of the environment to help us protect these areas for communities and future generations.

We ask visitors to follow our 'Do', 'Please' and 'No' rules, shown below.

> On-water recreational use – Barkers Creek Reservoir

From Thursday 11 April 2019, kayaks and canoes are now permitted for use on Barkers Creek Reservoir only.

This is part of the Victorian Government's $34 million Target One Million plan to get more Victorians fishing, more often, with better on-water access to reservoirs across Victoria.

Barkers Creek is the first waterway to have the new access arrangements implemented. Boating and swimming are still not permitted at the reservoir.

Works will continue at Barkers Creek Reservoir to improve access and signage for visitors. We ask visitors to follow our 'Do', 'Please' and 'No' rules for Barkers Creek Reservoir as shown below.


Please note, Upper Coliban, Lauriston and Malmsbury Reservoirs remain closed to on-water recreational use.

> Fishing

Fishing from the bank is allowed year-round at most of our visitor recreation areas. Remember you’ll need a current Recreational Fishing Licence, which can be obtained through Fisheries Victoria.

Fisheries Victoria stocks the reservoirs, and takes into account species than can be fished from the shorelines, as boating is prohibited. Keep an eye out for the fishing symbol (above) on our signage.

Fishing areas are also signposted for drivers at Premier Mine Road at Upper Coliban Reservoir, and at Shepherds Hill Road at Lauriston Reservoir.

When fishing from the banks, please take care near the water on muddy, rocky or slippery banks. Visitors are asked to not to leave any fishing hooks around and to clean up any fishing gear when you leave.


> Picnic and barbeque areas

Free picnic areas and barbecue facilities are available at a number of our recreation areas. An accessible barbecue and picnic area is available at the Lauriston Recreation Area, located via Lauriston Reservoir Road.

If you’re using a barbecue, we ask that you please leave it in a tidy state for the next person, and take any rubbish home or dispose of it appropriately if bins are provided.

Sheltered seating is currently available at Malmsbury Recreation Area, located via Sullivan Street, Malmsbury, and at Lauriston Recreation Area.

Other accessible facilities including toilets and picnic areas are provided in some locations. We are continuing to improve the access for all visitors to our recreational areas.


> Rubbish

Our reservoirs have a ‘take rubbish home’ policy unless bins are provided for use. We ask visitors to respect this rule to keep these areas clean and tidy.

> Parking and driving areas

Please stick to defined vehicle tracks when visiting our reservoirs. Some parts of the reservoir foreshore areas and storage basins have a history of being used for motorbike, cars and 4WD activity. Illegal vehicle tracks and driving through water poses problems for water quality and increases soil erosion.


> Finding your way around

Regulatory, interpretative and way-finding signage is on display at our reservoirs.

Signage may include an entrance sign, map of the location and a range of green, orange and red symbols to distinguish activities by either ‘Do’, ‘Please’ or ‘No’.

If you notice any damage to our signs, please notify us on 1300 363 200 (or 1300 COLIBAN)






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