Trentham Groundwater Bore Project

> Latest news - Wednesday 5 December 2018

Our groundwater bore project commenced in February 2018 to identify additional water resources for Trentham.

There was insufficient water from our first three test bores however, in June, we constructed a deeper bore within our Trentham Water Treatment Plant to a depth of 120 metres. The initial signs were positive and we will conduct further yield tests to confirm the performance of the bore.

We applied to Goulburn-Murray Water last month to amend our existing licence to increase the volume by 220 megalitres per year and add two bores.

The additional licence volume will provide water security to meet the growing demand in Trentham and manage any water quality risks.

Further tests are being conducted to confirm the bore yield and water quality, and satisfy licencing requirements to ensure that there will be no adverse impacts to surrounding groundwater users or the environment.


> Background

We are carrying out an exploration project to identify additional groundwater resources for the Trentham township.

Trentham is one of the fastest growing areas in our region so it is important we continue to plan for the future and identify additional water resources.

The town is currently supplied by a natural spring and the Trentham groundwater system.

Groundwater is managed by Goulburn-Murray Water and we have a license to extract 48 megalitres a year.

Stage 1 of the project involves installing a monitoring bore within our Trentham Water Treatment Plant.

Stage 2 focusses on exploring additional groundwater reserves within the Trentham area. Stage 2 works will commence in mid-March and are expected to be completed in May 2018.

The contractor for the project is GHD.


> Impact to customers

There will be no interruption to water or sewer services during the works.

There may be some minor traffic interruptions when required. Residents affected by the works will be notified prior to the works commencing.

The project has been designed to limit inconvenience to residents. However, work will involve some heavy machinery and there will be some short-term disturbances, such as noise during the project.

We will try to keep this to a minimum and apologise for any inconvenience.

Above: camera inspection of a groundwater bore


> Timeline

Works commenced in February 2018 and are expected to be completed by February 2019.

The project cost is approximately $200,000.


> Contact us

For further information regarding the project please call our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 or email us at


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