Rural Reconfiguration Project

> Background

Coliban Water’s Rural supply system was created in 1877 with the construction of 65km of the Coliban Main Channel from Malmsbury Reservoir to Bendigo.

The system was expanded in 1902 with the construction of Upper Coliban Reservoir, and in 1941 Lauriston Reservoir was completed. 

The Rural Supply System now comprises over 500km of open channel varying from concrete lined box section, earthen channel and pipeline.

The existing Coliban Rural System has served the community well over many decades but is in need of upgrading.

In conjunction with the reforms proposed in the Victorian Government’s White Paper “Securing Our Water Future Together” it is necessary for a major upgrade to the system to reduce water losses and minimise environmental impacts.


> Timeline

Due to the size of the project, implementation of the reconfiguration of the Coliban Rural System will need to be staged over at least 10 years, and completed in sections.

> The Project

A preliminary review of the rural channel system was completed in 2005 and a complete reconfiguration of the rural system was recommended. This vision is currently being refined so that the costs and options for each system are identified up front.

When finalised we will make our overall Modernisation Plan along with the key findings available to the public for comment.


> Opportunities

In order to assess the viability of replacing existing open channels with pipelines, each system will be investigated individually.  We will also engage with each community and seek their input and feedback.  We will be required to produce a sound business case for each system that will need to be approved by the Board prior to any work commencing.


> Contact Us

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