Pine Safety Removal Project

> Latest news - Thursday 11 January 2018

After an extensive harvesting and revegetation works program, we completed the Pine Safety Removal program across nine pine plantation sites around our Lauriston and Malmsbury reservoirs in August 2017.

We will continue to maintain and monitor the revegetation sites including maintenance of tree guards around seedlings and ongoing weed control and control of regenerating pine trees.

> The project

We own 27 hectares (66.7 acres) of pine plantations in nine stands at or near the Malmsbury, Lauriston and Upper Coliban reservoirs near Kyneton.

These plantations were established over 70 years ago when the reservoirs were constructed and had become a recognised part of the landscape. While the trees provide amenity and recreation value, their age and density made them prone to wind damage.

The trees were a significant risk to the public and the recreation areas had to be closed. The risk increased in as the pines aged and were impacted by severe drought and storms.

The trees that posed the greatest risk were the Radiata pines .Arborists assessed the condition of other pine species and native trees, and those in a safe condition were retained and monitored for safety.

The trees were removed in stages. The recreation areas at Lauriston and Malmsbury were the first areas harvested in April 2014. The remaining areas at Lauriston, Malmsbury and Upper Coliban reservoirs were harvested and revegetated in 2016 and 2017.


> Contractors

The contract to remove the pine trees from our Lauriston, Malmsbury was awarded to Pinemal Pty Ltd.

The contract to remove the pine trees from our Malmsbury and Lauriston recreation areas was completed by Bellarine Tree Services.

The contractor for the revegetation of the remaining areas was awarded to Maine Environmental Services Pty Ltd.

Seeds local to the area were collected and propagated, ready for planting after the harvesting and settling period.

Felix Botanica carried out landscaping work at the recreation areas at Lauriston and Malmsbury reservoirs.

The work involved the shaping of the garden beds and construction of walkways.

> Pine Safety Removal Project slide show


> Pine plantations locations


> Current access arrangements

All recreation areas are now open to the public.


> Links to more information

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Overall map of the Pine Safety Removal Project








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