Heathcote Sewer Scheme

> Latest news - Thursday 14 March 2019

We are installing a total of around 10 kilometres of sewer main in areas around Bennett Street and Redleaf Close to the north of the town, and the Argyle area to the south.

We are now past halfway and construction on the pump station in Craven Crescent will commence soon.

The project is expected to be completed later in the year.

The contractor for the project is Steve Standen Drainage.


> Background

The City of Greater Bendigo (COGB) has developed a Domestic Wastewater Management Plan for unsewered areas within its municipality.

This plan identified Bennett Street, Redleaf Close and Argyle, Heathcote as a high risk area from a public health and environmental perspective.

The COGB has identified the properties that should be considered for sewer services to ensure that current regulations are met.

The project will expand the local sewer network and ensure more of the Heathcote community receive safe and environmentally friendly sewerage services.


> When can I connect?

Properties within the scheme will receive notification to confirm that the sewerage system is ready to connect to.

You will have up to two years from the date of completion to connect to the new sewer system. Some properties may be required to connect sooner based on Council environmental requirements.

> How do I connect?

When you receive a letter from us indicating that you can connect you arrange for a licensed plumber to carry out the works.

We will discuss the best location for a connection point prior to the commencement of sewer scheme works. A connection point will normally be provided about 0.5 metres into your property at a depth of about 1 metre.

We will provide you with the assessments that were carried out to identify the best connection options for your property. You should provide this information to your plumber or person quoting on the works. We suggest that you obtain more than one quote to ensure quotes are competitive.

The plumber will construct the connecting pipe work from your house to the sewer. This will include connecting pipes from the toilet, bathroom, ensuite, kitchen and laundry. No stormwater is allowed to enter the sewer system.

For all new work that the plumber carries out they are required to provide a warranty and perform the work to the current Australian Standard – AS3500.



> Project Information

Factsheet 1: Why Sewerage? (PDF 282KB)

Factsheet 2: Customer Contribution (PDF 281KB)

Factsheet 3: Connections (PDF 390KB)

Map of scheme:
(PDF 1.2MB)

Map of scheme:
Bennett Street
(PDF 789KB)

Map of scheme:
Redleaf Close

> Cost of connection

Each landowner will be required to pay a New Customer Contribution fee, based on the size of their land. It is also their responsibility to pay for the costs associated with connecting the house to the sewer.

Sewer access charges are ongoing annual fees that will commence once the sewer system is built. They will apply even if the property is not connected to the sewer (with the exception of vacant land).

> Financial assistance

The Department of Human Services (DHS) has a program available to provide financial assistance to eligible customers.

This is referred to as the ‘Water and Sewerage Connection – Hardship Relief Grant Scheme’ and is available to people who are concession card holders, they are the owner of the property and it is their principle place of residence and they are experiencing financial hardship.

Eligible concession cards are:
• DVA Gold Card
• Health Care Card
• Pensioner Concession Card


> Contact us

For further information please call our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 or email us at communications@coliban.com.au.


> Further information

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Schedule of Fees and Charges

City of Greater Bendigo



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