Guildford Water Supply Project

> Latest news - Wednesday 2 August 2017

Construction of the pipeline in Fryers Road, Ellis Street and Proud Lane and the construction of the pump stations at Pound Lane and Fryers Street have been completed.

We have commenced the commissioning stage before bringing the tank back into service.


> Background

We are integrating the existing Guildford Clear Water Storage Tank into the Guildford and Yapeen water supply.

The tank was built in the early 80s and in use for 10 years. Issues with the original design meant there was a risk to water quality and a decision was made to bypass the tank.

This project will address the design issue and ensure the water is safe to drink.

It will also ensure there are less water outages for customers when there are interruptions to the main supply line from Castlemaine and minimise water pressure fluctuations during periods of high water demand.

The project involves bringing the Guildford tank back online, installing two booster pumps to maintain pressures to properties at higher elevations in Guildford and constructing new pipeline along sections of Fryers Street, Ellis Street and Pound Lane.

The new pipeline will be installed using directional drilling, a trenchless technique that reduces excavation and prevents damage to trees and root systems.

The pumps will be located in road reserves on:

  • Pound Lane
  • Fryers Street

The contractor for the project is R&R McClure from Castlemaine.


> Impact to customers

There will be no interruption to customers' water services during the works.

The project has been designed to limit inconvenience to local residents. However, construction work on the two booster pumps and pipeline will involve heavy machinery and there will be some short-term disturbances, such as noise and traffic disruption during construction.

Above: the Guildford Clear Water Storage Tank


> Timeline and costs

Works commenced in late May 2016.

The project will cost $300,000.


> Contact us

For further information regarding the project please call our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 or email us at


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