Digital Meters

We are implementing a program to install digital technology on existing customers’ water meters in our region.

Data loggers record water consumption and transmit the data for billing and data analysis.

Digital technology is being used by other water corporations in Australia and has been successfully trialled on commercial meters in our region.


> Benefits

Data loggers will enable us to understand our customers’ water use which will help us to detect leaks quicker, ensure accurate meter reads and identify abnormal water use patterns.

Water meters are currently read quarterly so in the event of a leak it could take months before it is identified when a bill arrives. Data loggers will assist in quickly detecting potential leaks at customers’ properties, which will save water and consumption charges.

It will also mean that we won’t have to enter your property each quarter to read the meter manually. This eliminates the need to estimate reads when it is not possible to access the meter, so there will be no surprises when an actual read is taken.

In the future we are working towards customers being able to access their own consumption data and monitor their usage.


> Installation

The digital device is added to customers’ existing water meter and will take less than 30 minutes to install.

All customer will be informed in writing when the installation will occur.

Customers don’t need to be home for installation but they must ensure there is safe and clear access to their water meter.

There is no impact to customers’ water supply during installation.


> Timeline

Our program to install data loggers commenced in March 2018 with Stage One in Trentham, Wedderburn, Korong Vale, Wychitella, Mysia and Borung.

Installation has now been completed in these towns and we are in the process of verifying the data from the data loggers and the digital network overall.

It is proposed that there will be a further four stages (five in total) over a six year period.

We anticipate Stage Two will commence in early 2019.

Our proposal is for all residential and non-residential customers in our region to have a data logger in place at the end of the proposed full rollout period.

Above: a water meter with the digital technology installed


> Rollout to Trentham and Wimmera towns

Stage One of our program started in Trentham, Wedderburn, Korong Vale, Wychitella, Mysia and Borung in March 2018.

Approximately 1,400 data loggers have been installed.

Data loggers installed in these towns will not be used for billing purposes until the data verification process has been completed. 

Customers in these towns will be notified prior to the data loggers being used for billing purposes.

Until then, we will continue to manually read customers' meters.

A Your Town community visit was held in each of these towns in November 2017 to provide customers with the opportunity to discuss the project in person with staff and see an example of how the device will be fitted to the existing customer meter.


> Further information

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> Contact us

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