Completed projects

Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project

We have replaced the concrete and earthen gravity channel system in the Harcourt area with a pressurised pipeline.

Coliban Main Channel Renewal

The Coliban Main Channel Renewal project is a $4.6 million project to renew 2.7 kilometres of concrete channel.

Hopkins Avenue Sewer Pump Station Upgrade

We carried out upgrade works at a sewer pump station on Hopkins Avenue, Eaglehawk, to address odour issues.

Wet Weather Storages - Bendigo

We constructed four new wet weather storages in Bendigo and Huntly to help prevent sewer spillages during periods of heavy rainfall.

Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant - Submersible Mixers Upgrade

We replaced the low-speed submersible mixers in the anaerobic/anoxic tanks at the Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant.

Rochester Water Reclamation Plant Upgrade

This upgrade involved installing membrane filtration technology that improved and updated the treatment processes on-site to deliver Class B recycled water for irrigation reuse in the area

Epsom Evaporation Brine Lagoon

We constructed a recycled water brine evaporation lagoon at the Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant at Epsom as part of the treatment process for brine produced by the Recycled Water Factory.

Leitchville and Gunbower Water Supply

We have undertaken major upgrades at the Leitchville and Gunbower Water Treatment Plants to improve water treatment reliability and address broader operational issues for each system.

Back Creek Siphon Upgrade

The Back Creek Siphon pipeline, located near Malmsbury, had exceeded its useful life and new methods were used to upgrade the pipeline whilst keeping the historical integrity of the pipeline intact.

Major Water Main Works Kangaroo Flat

A 2.3 tonne valve was added to Bendigo’s major water main to improve water security for the local community and provide greater flexibility on how the system is operated.

Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant Upgrade

The Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant upgrade project has improved operational efficiency and reduced the volume of odour generated at the plant.

Eppalock to Sandhurst (Bendigo) Augmentation

We duplicated sections of the existing Eppalock-Sandhurst pipeline that connects Lake Eppalock to Sandhurst Reservoir in Bendigo.

Epsom-Spring Gully Recycled Water Project

This project involved the construction of a 14.5km pipeline from Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) in Epsom to Spring Gully Reservoir and the construction of a Recycled Water Factory at Epsom.

Bendigo Water Treatment Plant sewer pipeline upgrade project

We upgraded the sewer pipeline that connects the Bendigo Water Treatment Plant to our sewer network.

Pine Safety Removal

Due to age and density, our pine plantations at Malmsbury, Lauriston and Upper Coliban reservoirs are prone to wind damage. We are removing the pines for safety reasons and revegetating using plants local to the area.

Bridgewater and Laanecoorie Water Treatment Plants Upgrades

We upgraded the Bridgewater and Laanecoorie Water Treatment Plants to provide greater water security to customers in our Loddon Supply System.

Echuca Sewer Augmentation Project

We undertook a major upgrade of sewer infrastructure to accommodate customer growth in Echuca.

Reckleben Street Sewer Scheme

The Mount Alexander Shire Council developed a Domestic Wastewater Management Plan for unsewered areas and identified Reckleben Street, Castlemaine, as an area to have sewer services installed.

Huntly - Epsom Sewer Augmentation

We undertook a major upgrade of sewer infrastructure in Huntly and Epsom to accommodate customer growth in these areas.

Cohuna Water Treatment Plant - Clear Water Storage Tank Replacement

We replaced the clear water storage tank at the Cohuna Water Treatment Plant with two new tanks.

Cohuna Water Reclamation Plant Upgrade

We carried out upgrade works at the Cohuna Water Reclamation Plant to rebuild the embankments of two treatment lagoons.

Rochester Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

We updated treatment processes so the plant can continue to supply high quality water when we experience significant changes in the raw water supply. Flood mitigation works were also part of the project.

Raywood - Sebastian Pipeline

We constructed a pipeline to connect the townships of Raywood and Sebastian to the Bendigo water supply system.

Raywood and Sebastian Standpipe

The Raywood and Sebastian standpipes were closed in 2007 due to the drought and severe water restrictions. We have constructed a new standpipe in Raywood.

Bendigo Creek Sewer Duplication

We invested $12.4 million in Stage 2 of a major sewer main upgrade for Bendigo to create more capacity for the city’s growing population. Stage 1 of the project was undertaken in 2006.

Tooborac Storage and Disinfection Upgrade

The upgrade to the Tooborac storage facility involves the installation of two 60 kilolitre water storage tanks and the construction of a disinfection system with remote monitoring and control.

Marong Standpipe Relocation

The Marong standpipe was relocated to the Calder Alternative Highway, opposite the Marong Golf Club, due to safety concerns over the original standpipe location.

Goldfields Superpipe (Goulburn Campaspe Link)

We constructed a 46.5km pipeline to connect the Waranga Western Channel with our water supply system near Lake Eppalock to improve water security for customers in Bendigo, Kyneton, Castlemaine and Heathcote.








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