Improved drinking water supply - South West Loddon Pipeline

The South West Loddon Pipeline (SWL Pipeline) is an $80.6 million project which will deliver a secure raw water supply to local communities and farmers in the region.

The SWL Pipeline is a joint initiative of the Loddon Shire, Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water (GWMWater), Coliban Water, Goulburn-Murray Water and the Victorian and Federal Governments.


> Coliban Water's involvement

The SWL Pipeline is being led by GWMWater who is managing construction, and who will operate and maintain the pipeline infrastructure into the future.

We have contributed $2.7 million to the project, which will fund the connection of the Bridgewater Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and Laanecoorie WTP to the SWL pipeline. The Korong Vale WTP will also be connected as part of this project.

We are looking forward to improving the drinking water supply in the towns of Korong Vale, Wedderburn, Inglewood, Bridgewater, Laanecorrie, Dunolly, Tarnagulla and Bealiba. This is expected to benefit approximately 3,420 of our customers.

Korong Vale and Wedderburn currently draw raw water from the Grampians system via a GWMWater pipeline, while Bridgewater, Laanecoorie and nearby towns are supplied from the Loddon River.

The new water source will be largely supplied from the Goulburn system via the SWL Pipeline, and will mean reduced organics, reduced salinity levels and a more consistent supply than from the Loddon River system.

During mid-May to mid-August each year when routine annual maintenance work is carried out on the Goulburn system, water will be sourced from the Grampians system.

This project will also help reduce demand on the stressed Loddon River system, and provide environmental benefits. By reducing dependence on the river, water that was previously sourced will now be able to benefit the river system, aquatic life and vegetation.


> Progress on the Pipeline

GWMWater is the best place to check for progress updates on the SWL Pipeline construction.

Progress is well advanced, with Stage 1 completed in October 2017. This included 110km of stock and domestic pipeline servicing properties in the south west of Loddon Shire, and provided benefits to more than 80 landowners who now have access to a secure water supply. This has provided much-needed respite after years of drought conditions.

Stage 2 began in April 2018 and aims to deliver raw water to communities, households and farmers in the areas of Skinners Flat, Fiery Creek, Arnold, Bridgewater, Powlett, East Gowar, Wedderburn South and Kurting. As of October 2018, approximately 300km of main pipe had been laid.

The project will:

  • provide approximately 1,300km of raw water supply pipeline
  • supply raw water to more than 260 rural farming enterprises
  • supply raw water to more than 370 lifestyle properties, and
  • supply raw water an area of 2,900 square kilometres.

Properties within the project area currently rely on rainfall and farm dams for their homes and farms. The new pipeline will deliver security of water supply as well as provide a range of economic benefits to the region.

The SWL pipeline is expected to be complete by mid-2019.



> Timing

Coliban Water expects customers in Korong Vale, Wedderburn, Inglewood and Bridgewater to transition to the new SWL Pipeline supply in mid-2019.

Coliban Water customers in Laanecoorie, Dunolly, Tarnagulla and Bealiba are expected to transition to the new supply within the next three years, once further infrastructure has been established.

This page will be udpated as works progress.


> Further information

Coliban Water Frequently Asked Questions - South West Loddon Pipeline (PDF)

GWMWater Project Fact Sheet - Project Delivery Update (PDF)

GWMWater Project Web Page


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