Heathcote Water Treatment Plant upgrade works

A $4.8 million upgrade is currently underway at Heathcote Water Treatment Plant on Heathcote-Redesdale Road to improve operations, maximise efficiencies and address taste and odour concerns.

This work, which started in December 2018, is expected to take a year to complete.

We have engaged contractor Laurie Curran Water to carry out these works.


> About the works

The Heathcote Water Treatment Plant will receive an upgrade of UV disinfection equipment. This treatment ensures that bacteria is eliminated. UV treatment of water is a common disinfection method used by Coliban Water and other water corporations.

Improvements will also be made to the water treatment process, including the addition of a chlorine contact tank as an extra step.

To address the taste and odour issues, a permanent Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) dosing system will be installed, which is expected to significantly reduce the occurrence and severity of any taste and odour events in the raw water source and provide algae toxin control. It is also expected to provide an improvement in aesthetic water quality.

PAC is a commonly used method that can be likened to a form of further filtration, and used at a number of our treatment facilities.






> Impact for customers

There is not expected to be any interruption to drinking water supplies for our customers in Heathcote and Tooborac while these works take place.

Also, there is not expected to be any traffic interruptions. Local residents may notice contractor vehicles coming and going from the plant throughout this period.


> Background

The Heathcote Water Treatment Plant treats raw water from Lake Eppalock or Calendonia Reservoir (filled from Lake Eppalock). Once treated, it is supplied to approximately 1900 residential and commercial customers in Heathcote and Tooborac.

The drinking water we provide is compliant with all Australian standards. Read more on our Drinking Water and Water Quality page.


> Contact us

For more information please call our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 (1300 COLIBAN) or email us at communications@coliban.com.au.





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