Minor Trade Waste requirements

> Why do we monitor trade waste?

We monitor what goes into the sewer system to ensure that the discharge of trade waste doesn't cause:

  • blockages and spills
  • disruption of sewage treatment processes
  • damage to sewerage infrastructure
  • health hazards to sewer workers
  • the release of substances which would have a harmful effect on our environment
  • additional impacts on the use of recycled water.

For this reason, we have Trade Waste Acceptance Criteria (PDF 129KB) which must be met before trade waste is discharged to the sewer.


> What if I fail to comply with the Trade Waste Agreement?

If a trade waste customer fails to comply with one or more of the conditions set out in their Trade Waste Agreement, we have the ability under the Water Act 1989 to issue a ‘notice to repair’ to the customer.

We will ask the customer to ensure that their trade waste discharges comply with their agreement by a certain date.

If corrective action is not taken within the specified time, we have the right to terminate the customer’s agreement, seal the point of connection and prevent the discharge of trade waste to the sewer.

> Why do I need to install pre-treatment equipment?

The purpose of grease traps and other forms of
pre-treatment equipment is to eliminate and/or minimise the amount of any substance at its source that can cause negative impacts such as blockages and damage to infrastructure.

The type of pre-treatment required will depend on the nature of your business and the volume of trade waste produced.

Our Trade Waste Officer can help advise whether or not your existing equipment needs to be updated, and which method of pre-treatment equipment would best suit your business.


> Who is responsible for maintaining the
pre-treatment equipment?

Maintenance of grease traps and other pre-treatment equipment is the customer’s responsibility.
Pre-treatment equipment must be cleaned out at regular intervals by a licenced liquid waste contractor approved by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

It is also necessary to maintain a log showing the maintenance and servicing of the equipment.

In most instances, your Trade Waste Agreement will specify how regularly your equipment will need to be cleaned.

If you are unsure, please contact our Trade Waste Officer on 1300 363 200.


> Trade Waste factsheets

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