Trade Waste

> What is Trade Waste?

Trade Waste is any liquid matter that is discharged, emitted or deposited to our sewerage network as a result of any trade business or undertaking, and any other matter which our Trade Waste Officer declares to be trade waste.

For further information see our factsheet, What is Trade Waste? (PDF 228KB).

To discharge trade waste to our sewer network, businesses require consent or have a Trade Waste Agreement in place.

Trade Waste customers are classified as Minor or Major.


> Minor Trade Waste

Minor Trade Waste is trade waste discharge that does not exceed 5,000 kilolitres per year and where a pre-treatment system (grease arrester, acid neutralizer, silt trap, clay trap, peel trap, settling
tank, cooling pit, plaster trap or petrol/oil arrester)
is necessary.

Minor Trade Waste customers include takeaway food outlets with cooking facilities, schools with kitchen and science laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels/motels, cafes, butchers, bakeries, delicatessens, caterers, restaurants, canteens
and cafeterias, supermarkets, fast-food outlets,
ice-creameries and function centres with
commercial operating kitchens.

To become a Minor Trade Waste customer please complete and return our Trade Waste Application Form (Word document 117KB).


> Major Trade Waste

Major Trade Waste is trade waste discharge that exceeds 5,000 kilolitres per annum and/or has a significant impact on the operation of wastewater networks and treatment plants and reuse of reclaimed water and biosolids.

Major Trade Waste customers include food manufacturers, major hospitals, saleyards, commercial laundries, abattoirs and textile manufacturers.

To become a Major Trade Waste customer you should first discuss your proposal with us, review the Major Trade Waste Application Form (Word document 151KB) and submit a draft application for our review.


> Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention Management Plan (PDF)

Backflow prevention (PDF)

Backflow Prevention Containment Policy (PDF)

Accredited backflow plumbers (PDF)


> Backflow Prevention application forms

Backflow prevention device registration form (Word doc 83KB)

Backflow prevention device inspection/test report (PDF 9MB)

Removal of Backflow Prevention Device application form (Word doc 61KB)

Backflow Prevention Device Plumbers' assessment form (Word doc 61KB)

Registered Air Gaps and Break Tanks
inspection report
(Word doc 61KB)


> Trade Waste Customer Charter

The Trade Waste Customer Charter (PDF 2.79MB) details your rights and responsibilities, and also ours, for the management of trade waste.

Our charter was approved by the industry regulator, the Essential Services Commission (ESC), and came into effect on 24 September 2014.

For trade waste charges refer to our Schedule of Fees and Charges.


> Further information

Minor Trade Waste requirements

Trade Waste Acceptance Criteria (PDF 129KB)

Trade Waste Customer Service Code - Essential Services Commission (PDF 92KB)


> Application forms

Minor Trade Waste Application Form (Word doc 117KB)

Major Trade Waste Application Form (Word doc 151KB)


> Trade Waste factsheets

What is Trade Waste? (PDF 228KB)

Commercial Kitchen Trade Waste (PDF 108KB)

Installation of a grease interceptor trap (PDF 98KB)

Motor vehicle trade tips (PDF 113KB)

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