How to apply for a water carter permit

> What do I need to apply?

Complete a Water Carter Application online form. If you require an AvData key, that will need to be purchased as well.


> Private or Commercial permit?

Anyone transporting water from our standpipes is required to have a valid Coliban Water permit.

People carrying water for their own use or for non-commercial purposes would be classified as a private water carter.


> Monthly account

To obtain an AvData key to access our standpipes, you need a monthly account. Monthly account keys allow you access to all potable water standpipes in the Coliban Water region that use an AvData system. At the end of each month, you will be mailed an account directly by AvData.

These will detail every location, date and time that the key was used and, the cost for each use.

These accounts can be paid either online or at any Commonwealth Bank of Australia branch.


> Forms

Water Carter Application online form

Change of Details form (PDF)


Photograph of a standpipe


> AvData keys

New and replacement AvData keys can be purchased from our Bendigo office for $35 each.

All keys are provided with a 12-month warranty.


> Change your details

To change your details complete a Change of Details form (PDF) or call us on 1300 363 200 and we will update your water carter account details.



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