Pricing Submission 2018

Our Pricing Submission details the pricing pathway and service outcomes we will deliver.

Every five years we develop a plan which the Essential Services Committee (ESC), the water industry's independent regulator, is responsible for checking that what we charge reflects the cost of providing services and running our business.

Our next plan starts on 1 July 2018. For the last 18 months we have been listening to our customers and communities to engage on our service levels, future investments, contribution to community and ultimately prices.

We have released our Pricing Submission 2018 Community Draft to make sure that the Customer Outcomes, actions and investments to achieve them, and proposed customer pricing have the support of our customers.

We will be making a final Pricing Submission to the ESC in September 2017.


> Role of the Essential Services Commission

The Essential Services Commision is the water industry's independent regulator. Its role is to review our plan and ensure pricing, service levels and works programs are justified, and costs and charges are fair.





Water Plan 2013-2018

Our Water Plan 2013-2018 explains our prices and pricing structure for our services including:

  • operational costs to run the business, such as pumping water, treating water and sewage, recycling and maintaining pipes
  • our infrastructure investment in the region to deliver water and wastewater services
  • service levels we will provide to you.

The ESC approved our Water Plan on 18 June 2013 and on 1 July 2013, our Water Plan came into effect.

Full details of our Water Plan 2013-2018 is available from the ESC website.


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