Understanding your water use

Minor changes in your water use behaviour can impact your total water bill. Some possible reasons:

  • An extra person staying for a few days
  • Watering the garden a bit longer during warm weather
  • Using the washing machine more
  • Forgetting to turn off your sprinkler system one night
  • Being on holidays and being home more.

Sometimes the reason for a higher bill can be an undetected water leak.

Even small leaks can result in the loss of thousands of litres of water.

Read the section below on what to do if you suspect you have an undetected leak.

Please see our Customer Charter for details of your responsibilities in relation to maintenance.


> Keep track of your water usage

By undertaking some simple monitoring of your water habits you will get a snapshot of your daily water usage around your home.

If you receive your account and your daily usage is higher than you expected, we suggest you check if there may be a leak.

You can check for leaks by following these simple steps:

Step 1 Turn off all water inside and outside (including evaporative coolers and washing machines)
Step 2 Write down the black and red numbers on your water meter
Step 3 Do not turn any water back on for two hours (including flushing the toilet)
Step 4 After two hours write down the black and red numbers on your water meter

If the numbers have changed from when you read the meter the first time to when you read the meter the second time there may be a leak. If the meter has not moved, there is no leak.

You can also conduct a water audit. By reading your water meter regularly you can keep track of your water use and identify which activities use the most water.

For more information on how to check for leaks and conduct a water audit see our Understanding your water use fact sheet (PDF 304KB).


> Unexplained high consumption and undetected leaks

From 1 January 2013 we introduced changes to our approach to providing support to customers with unexplained high consumption and undetected leaks. The new approach applies to all applications received on or after this date.

The guidelines were developed by representatives of water corporations across Victoria with the aim of a greater level of consistency in support for customers.

To find out more or to report a leak call our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 363 200.

You can also apply for a leak allowance by filling out our Undetected Leak Application Form Online Form. Conditions apply: please refer to the leak application form and our Undetected Leak Guidelines (PDF 56KB) for details.

Please ensure any relevant documentation such as plumbers reports, photos are attached to your application.

Above: a leaking pipe under concrete








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